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Part of my job involves problem solving and talking to people, which is more and more becoming the same thing.  Lots of the conversation revolves around social media and what is the best medium.  The short answer is they have all got their place.  I initially chose Facebook for the Forces Online Members Area because of the simplicity of sharing, …

The Veterans Directory

FOfounder Forces Online Blog We are accepting FREE LISTINGS on the Forces Online Website and are keen to here from organisations that run county based services. Visit the above link to add your Armed Forces Community organisation. There are many Categories, and if you have an organisation that does not fit one of them. Please contact us via the website. All listings even …

History in The Making

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PROUDLY ON DISPLAY AND HISTORY IN THE MAKING in our new VSCentre….. Hi everyone just got home from Warminster via Midsomer Norton.. The new Veterans Support centre is rapidly taking shape, which I am well pleased about. How strange does it feel finally opening the first one. However, I could not have done this without the input of three very …

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Join us and help us raise funds for Forces Online CIC to build the Veterans Directory. Once signed up you can raise funds by simply shopping Online Click the image to find out more