Forces Online CIO (also known as Forces Online is a registered Charity (CIO) registered on the 7nd April 2020 Reg. No 1188955 (England and Wales).

The organisation is set up to work with veterans across the whole of the United Kingdom for:

"The Relief of Former Armed Forces Service Personnel, who are in need by reason of age, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage in particular but not exclusively by providing them with help and assistance and by offering them a sign posting service to expert support providers for their benefit".

The Registered Head Office Address is:

The Holly Court Veterans Centre 15 Holly Court, High Street Midsomer Norton Radstock Somerset, BA32DB.

The following information describes the mission statement of


•To provide a professional secure website, listing all the ArmedForces Community support Organisations in the United Kingdom, and work to alongside them to promote their services to ensure there is a quality choice based system for veterans, focusing on identifying the type of service, and nearest
location of the service/support system which are broken down
into a unique Forces Online CIO county based structure.

• To provide County based support pages in England, Scotland,
Wales and Northern Ireland, with each Country having a
national office, and sub offices to promote local relationships
via our supporters (i.e. other veterans/private organisations).

• To provide a County-wide Facebook network, which will have
corresponding groups, to each of the County based web pages,
and to provide a network of suitable, trained volunteers, who
will be willing to staff a virtual peer to peer telephone network,
which could also be represented by the United Kingdom
veterans county hub and club and social media network.

• To provide a minimum of 1 x volunteer Senior Veterans Support
Coordinator (SVSC) per County supported by a team of
Volunteer Veterans Support Coordinators (VSCs), who will
support and administer the local Forces Online CIO business,
identifying and passing details of organisations that work to
support veterans at County level back to the central team, and
using their local knowledge the teams will be required to
engage, and identify opportunities to directly support veterans
and their families who need help with a whole range of support
and issues. The Forces Online CIO referral process will be both
manual by completing a pre-printed form, or an electronic
version on the website.

• To create and employ a direct funding and awareness team that
will be headed up by a Funding director to go out into the local
areas and engage with the local communities in relation to the
work of Forces Online CIO and how to contact us and access our
services, as well as to identify and carryout fundraising
activities, working in support of local veterans organisations, to
help them raise their profiles for the greater good of veterans
causes, including financially. Part of this work will also include
the formation of a veteran’s hardship fund called the Tom
Howat Memorial Hardship Foundation which will be on hand to
give direct financial and other assistance to veterans who are
suffering from hardship and possible harm as a result of their
immediate circumstances.

• To provide a valuable contact and network sharing system for
its members, through the Forces Online CIO website, social
media network, the blog, mailing list, email, the virtual phone
network, the county based mobile app and Chat Heroes/
Rubicon-CSR shown on every page, and directory listing.

• To establish proper links within each community where Forces
Online CIO is present. i.e. health, local authority, TV, news,
external support, employment, welfare, community
(companies who buy into helping veterans) and armed forces
covenant. etc.

• To help empower and support new organisations via
association to Forces Online CIO and our extensive contact and
network system, to form relationships with established
organisations to support and engage with a country-wide
cooperative contact/broadcast system for veterans issues,
which will also be used by the collaborative organisations for
breaking news about a whole range of issues, activities and
events, etc. The aim will be to provide autonomy within the
counties and to encourage participating organisations to work

• To seek and provide funding sources for local veteran’s areas
(counties) and help with raising funds for other veterans’
organisations via our own charity.

• To explore the possibility of adding the emergency service
support mechanism to Forces Online CIO.

• To develop Forces Online charity teams by effective
management, training and development covering a diverse
range of skills across boundaries supporting other statically
based and national organisations, within and outside of the
armed forces community, recognising that there is a range of
civilian based organisations that employ services that veterans
are often referred to or come into contact with on a daily basis.

• To set up and implement a Forces Online CIO membership
system that will have both free, paid and corporate
membership levels and the income being used to cover
operating costs and a THMHF Top Up.

• To support a vulnerable person’s phone application that could
be useful to track vulnerable veterans called Trusted Wellbeing.

• Any other things that will complement the good name and
service of Forces Online, ensuring that Forces Online is helping
veterans and their families in any way we can.

LC & ME updated April 2020 Forces Online©8th April 2020.