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rewards for forcesLen Chappell
June 19 at 10:49 PM
I received this exciting news to circulate today, following a chat with Peter Raith of Rewards for Forces Online CIC
The website helps Forces, Veterans and their immediate families obtain discounts online and in their local high street stores in the UK
Coming soon to the Overseas section of Rewards for Forces an EXCLUSIVE US Military Discount/Benefit partnership which has been two years in the making. Our Rewards for Forces members will soon be able to take advantage of discounts/benefits previously just for the US Military/Veterans.
This is in addition to the exclusive established link with the Australian Military website. You have served side-by-side now reap the Rewards with Rewards for Forces.
All our International Partnerships are reciprocal, US and Australian Military past and present will be using Rewards for Forces for discounts/benefits when travelling to the UK. I’m sure you would like to join us by saying Welcome to the United Kingdom.
When we heard that a member of the Armed Forces who had recently returned from Military Operations, was denied a discount in a major Highstreet store, but a student in front of him was granted one, we knew we had to act!
Up until now most high street stores have offered special discounts to students, whilst discounts for the Forces community have been rarely recognised. ‘Rewards for Forces’ have been campaigning to change this, in the belief that our troops deserve recognition and respect from British businesses in return for their efforts in keeping our country safe. Rewards for forces have been contacting hundreds of high street stores requesting that they become ‘Forces Friendly’ stores and offer discounts to troops in the same way they currently do with student discounts and overseas.
An extensive list of the discounts available to members of the forces can be found by joining Serving Forces, Veteran and Partners can join.
How much can MEMBERS expect to save?
Every company listed on is offering discounts/benefits not available to the general public. Members can expect to save between £550 and £1000 on average each year. Discounts from Restaurants & Takeaway, Theme Parks and Attractions, Local Offers from the high street, Cinema, Theatre Breaks, Health & Fitness, Sport & Outdoors, Motoring & Car Hire, Holidays and Travel, Short Breaks, Special Occasions, Phones & Computers, Football Clubs, Insurance….
Optional ID card available for proof of eligibility for discounts also offers a solution to proving eligibility by providing Forces, Veterans, Families with a Rewards for Forces identification card to prove their entitlement to discounts within Forces friendly stores. The Rewards for Forces membership card also unlocks additional exclusive benefits (Restaurants, Theme Parks and High Street offers)
If you are part of our Forces community, this website is for you!
Serving personnel and their partners of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force and Veterans, Service Widows/Widowers, Reservists, Cadets, MOD Civil Servants and the Royal British Legion are all welcome.
Are you a business looking to Reward our British Armed Forces, Veterans, visiting USA and Australian Military?
Atlantic Online Media provide a gateway for businesses to reward our Armed Forces, Rescue and Police services, allowing cross-communication and business opportunities for goods and services directly to a large group of deserving people. By advertising these rewards through our Rewards Family you become directly engaged with an audience of the Armed Forces, Rescue and Police communities in the UK and now Internationally.
Rewards for Forces - Promoting awareness and negotiating discounts for UK Forces since 2005. Go to for details of how to promote an offer as a thank you for serving our great country.
If you'd like more information or to schedule an interview with a representative please call 01604 647 770 or e-mail Peter Raith