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We are here to support the Ex, and Un-married partners who's loved one has died whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. We are hoping to raise awareness as to how families like ourselves are forgotten about after a loved ones death, and how children who are born out of wedlock can and sometimes are treated by the MOD. We are a recognised support group for the MOD, and have strong links with SSAFA Forces Help. We are not a charity, therefore do not provide financial support only emotional and practical.


The MOD do not always recognise children who are born out of wedlock as a serviceman's Next of Kin, which can have a devastating impact on a child and they're mum. If you are currently serving and you have children who are born in these circumstances, then please ensure you have notified the MOD of your child, and you update and hold a valid will. In the sad event of your death your child may not even be notified of your passing by the MOD as was our situation, and may not receive any memories of you. Please protect your children, as they really are the Forgotten Children of the Armed Forces.

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Hi my name is Paula.
My ex-partner Richard died suddenly of a heart attack whilst serving in the Army in 2007, he was 36. Our daughter Tegan was 17 mths old at the time. We were not told Richard had died as we were not classed as his Next of Kin. However, his other two children neither of whom are NOK, were both notified by the MOD as they were both born in wedlock. The Army were fully aware of my child, they had my contact details and CSA payments were going directly from Richard's army salary, however as Tegan was born out of wedlock they had no "MOD rights" to notify us. I found out he had passed away more than 24 hours after his death via an online forum that he used.

My daughter did not receive any of her father's personal belongings, apart from 1 army photograph and a teddy bear that belonged to him. Tegan has only recently been given a duplicate set of her dad's medals, which was kindly organised by the Royal Logistics Corps.

I have for the last 3.5 years been fighting the MOD for a Death in Service Pension for my child. Unfortunately on the 4th July 2011 we lost the claim, however, as a direct result of the difficulties we had encountered with both the MOD & the AFCS the Tribunal judge has advised he will be making recommendations to change the rules and the name of the Death IN Service Pension to Death DUE to Service pension. This in itself, was a huge achievement.


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