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64470_515072691864804_265830411_nForces United are pleased to be associated with and welcome Soldiers Off The Streets (S.O.T.S) See their listing HERE

If You would like to donate please click on the Donate to Soldiers Off The Street Tab or follow this link.

We are also working closely with other organisations dealing with PTSD so that they have the very best opportunity of living a normal life. There have been a couple of questions that have been put to us that we will clarify here:

1. Does Soldiers Off The Street only deal with soldiers?

A. No, we will help homeless from all services.

2. What is our definition off a homeless person?

A. An homeless person is not just someone living on the street with all their belongings in a carrier bag; it is a person who has no home of their own. It could be someone being put up by their friends or families or even someone who has a home of their own but is on a short term tenancy. There are a lot of circumstance when someone can be homeless but not living on the street.

Soldiers off the streets are committed to making life better for ex service personnel whose lives have been affected by homelessness. Soldiers off the streets intend to make a positive impact on the lives of the people that have given so much to this country then left to fend for themselves. Many of them with other problems such as Brain shock: The new Gulf War syndrome. -- Gulf War Syndrome. -- Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Our work is only possible with the assistance of generous donations from you. Without donations from supporters such as yourself, the people who will benefit from Soldiers Off The Streets services ex service personnel will be left to face their challenges with homelessness all alone. It is our belief that every ex service personnel dealing with homelessness deserves the support that we are ready and willing to give.

We are under no allusions that we can help them all, we know there are other organisations trying to do their best but there are so many ex service personnel living on the streets no one can help them all.

Will you help us help ex service personnel in need? Your financial support can help us make a positive difference in the lives of people coping with homelessness. Every pound you send provides help to those in need. If you can help we would like to thank you from all those that cannot say thank you for themselves.

Company Overview

Soldiers Off The Street is a registered charity 1137594 which was formed in September 2009 for the sole purpose of helping homeless ex service personnel. Since we started and looked more deeply into the problems a lot of the ex service personnel it has become apparent that it will take a lot more than just helping anyone that we find living on the street, so we have rearranged our aims to include the obtaining of a Rehabilitation Centre to help get them get back into civilian life.
Soldiers off the Street are also registered in Scotland Charity No. SC042204.


HQ Address:
Unit 4 Glan Aber Trading Estate
North Wales.
LL18 2PL