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Forces United are pleased to be associated and welcomes Phil Pickford and his business Rotarywing Limited


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Having left the military, where he was involved in the trialling of helicopter-borne weapons systems. Phil started and managed his own helicopter ground support company which has been running successfully for fifteen years or so.
Here he developed a widely acknowledged expertise in the handling of under slung loads and extended his qualifications in all aspects of ground operations.
Phil thrives in helicopter rich environments as was shown in "Black Hawk Down" when he was responsible for the nine US military helicopters and medivac Huey & two camera Helicopters. Phil has worked extensively with national energy distribution companies in their helicopter-borne LIDAR/photographic projects, and as Operations Manager with his own company, setting-up temporary heliports at numerous major sporting events with responsibility for Air Traffic, control, refueling a/c and CAA certified fire & rescue cover. In his leisure time he enjoys reading military history and painting.



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