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PLEASE SHARE INTO GREEN JACKET and OTHER MILITARY GROUPS AND PAGE - Help and Interest Wanted. Hi everyone I have been in contact with Jane Cullen who has sent me some information about her late husband, who had a unique plate in his possession. Jane wants to sell the plate for personal reasons. The plate has never been seen by anyone, and even the RGJ museum has never seen the plate before. Jane was just wondering if there is anywhere that she could sell it.
Jimmy Cullen joined up in 1989 left 2011 he was a Green Jacket and a rifleman, he served in NI Bosnia and Kosovo. Posted to Bulford where he managed the SGTs mess .posted to Bergen - Hohne to work for the brigadier general, then was posted to Mayfair then Davis Street. When he left the service he wanted a man cave like most men do but he wanted this one to be different so he gave it a name The Chosenman where he kept all his military pictures and history of the regiment when ever there was a party my late husband talking point was always about the regiment. He was so mad about car boot sales anything military he would buy. There is so many memories in the Chosenman about my late husband. Hope that helps my late husband also there is no other marking on the plate just the pictures of the old regiment cap badges and on the reverse just 1st Battalion Royal Green Jackets.
Jane is also looking to see if anyone has seen the plate before as well as wanting to sell it she is trying to find its origins.
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