Remembering world war 1 in 2014 100 years

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994202_10151508375712548_1289509698_nForces United is pleased to be associated with and Welcomes Stanly Kaye and his group Remembering world war 1 in 2014 100 years  HERE

i started a facebook group to ask everyone to plant poppies to remember the poor souls that died in ww1
this group has gone viral all over the world,[i am in the uk] usa-chile-new zealand -pakistan-france-israel-singapore-australia-canada-africa to name but a few.

i have messages of support from various orginisations world wide,
news paper articles have been printed in three of my local papers ,a local east london paper [ east end news], and also in the jewish news

members of the page are now also putting stories and photos on the page some of them have never been heard or seen before so the page has now also become a memory page for all to see
everyone can plant poppies at home,gardens at work.
schools could plant them and it would remind the pupils of the great sacrifice that was given for us in ww1
all i would like is to see poppies planted everywhere so that when they bloom