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The terms and conditions below govern your use of the Forces Online website.

Terms and Conditions for Online Account

This section of the Terms and Conditions concerns the use of the website and the use of the online offers by external member organisations,  cashback offers, gift cards and other saving options on the website. Please ensure you also read though through the linking organizations and Forces Online terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, do not use this website or the website of the linking organization. If you do use the website, your conduct indicates that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions, and do not hold the Forces Online, linked web sites or any of Forces Online employees or directors or share holders accountable for any information contained or not contained with the website. 1. Forces Online may provides discount codes for companies offering goods and services. The transactions that take place with these companies are done through their external sites and thus are not completed on the Forces Online website, unless stated by us. Thus it is the companies that are responsible for the transaction security on any purchases made. 2. Forces Online reserves the right to remove any user for the site, freeze their account and revoke their membership without prior warning if it feels the member is a breach to security or could be in the future. 3. Forces Online reserves the right to remove any user found to be abusing the discount codes or any other call to actions provided and ban them from the website. This can be conducted without consent of the member. 4. Registered members are responsible for the safe keeping of user names and passwords and must make sure that they take all necessary steps to disclose information for unauthorized users. Forces Online reserves the right to ask any of its members to change their password at any point it deems necessary to protect the account. 5. Members must not create multiple accounts or try to change their member ID. If a password is forgotten or lost then the user must go through the appropriate route of the forgotten password link. Members must contact the Forces Online if this cannot be achieved or if further problems occur through the Help Centre area of the website. 6. Members must make sure that their information is correct and up to date at all times. If any change of status occurs members are required to change these or inform Forces United of any changes. Please see the Privacy Policy as to the information that we will hold on you. 7. The use of this website is reserved for those of the Forces Online Community. This includes the Serving  and Ex Armed Forces, Veterans, Reserve Forces, Cadet Forces, Armed Forces Family Members and NATO Forces serving in or has served in the U.K.. Any member found not to be part of these will be immediately removed from the Forces Online website. (Forces United often use Facebook Groups or web sites to verify member information). 8. Other advertisements contained on the Forces Online web site contain materials created and submitted by third parties. Forces Online excludes all liability for this material and any illegality that may arise from these. 9. The Forces Online web site contains links to third party websites,groups and pages that are not maintained or controlled by Forces Online. Whilst Forces Online does pick its companies carefully it cannot be held liable for any material on these sites and any illegal or wrong information on these sites. 10. Forces Online uses cookies to track the sales made on third party websites by members. No personal data is passed to third party websites and we use member ID numbers that have no relationship to your personal details to track with. By signing up to Forces Online and agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree for Forces Online to put these cookies on to your computer/device. Please see the Cookie Policy for full details on the Cookies that we use and the purposes of each. 11. Laws governing the Terms and Conditions on this website shall be subject to only the laws of England and Wales which shall exclusively govern the interpretation, application and effect of all the above permissions, exclusions, licenses and conditions of use. 12. Forces Online endeavors to maintain the service it provides are being free from defects though it is not responsible or liable for any consequential loss or damaged for any errors or omissions within the service. 13. All trademarks referred to on this web site are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Forces Online, its directors and its employees cannot be liable for any copyright or trademark infringements. 14.Forces Online, work hard on making sure that privacy is maintained. All data collected by Forces Online is for the sole use of Forces Online. Data is not shared with any third parties. The information is collected so that the best service can be provided to its members and in order to increase the security of the site and that members using the service properly qualify to use the service. Forces Online has an approach of only asking for information that is required and no other information.
  • Username – to identify you (Your real name is not displayed in our members area.
  • Email Address – to send you verification information, any policy updates, e-shots if you are opted in and to form your username
  • A Facebook Group Membership (easiest way for us to check your entitlement to a FREE membership).
  • Whether you are an admin of the group.
  • A web site address (Our Use Only).
  • Forces Online will also take your IP address when you sign up for the service. This is used to identify IP trends in order to identify security breaches.
We do not make any personally identifiable information available to other companies or individuals for their contact purposes. We do collate information to demonstrate overall trends and preferences of the member base with advertisers and other third parties for marketing, promotional and other purposes. We do not disclose to these entities any information that would be used to contact you personally. Users do not automatically opt-in to receive our electronic newsletters. Forces Online have a separate opt-in system for this and users that sign up to our newsletter system may remove themselves by changing their settings in the My Account section or by contacting Forces Online through our Contact Us Link . A certain level of personal information is required when registering with our site and opting not to provide this information will mean that you may not be able to use our website. The information is required in order to make sure that you qualify to use the service and to maintain the security of the website. As a registered member you can update your information details in the Members Profile section. Members can change their information at any time and as often as necessary. You will need to contact Forces Online if you wish to update your email address. Questions regarding this privacy statement should be emailed to though our Contact Us Link
Freedom Of Information
The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to ask Forces Online Service as a tender operator of a public body for all the information they have on any subject you choose. Unless there is a good reason, we will provide the information within 20 working days. You can also ask for all the personal information that we hold on you. At Forces Online we will hold the following information:
  • Name
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Facebook Group or website membership details
  • Group administrator details
To make a Freedom of Information request please email the Forces Online though our Contact Us Link: • your name • an address where you can be contacted • a description of the information that you want To help Forces Online find the information, please give as much detail as possible. constitutionimage