When life is tough and you seem to be hopelessly cornered and cannot communicate with the outside world where everything seems to revolve around phones.

We can help, as you may qualify for a free budget phone so that you can be contacted by the organisations that you have reached out to help you.

To qualify you will need to be a UK Resident, and have served in the British Armed Forces, and prove that you are suffering from Hardship that prevents you from being able to communicate with the outside world, and going through some extreme financial difficulties which prevents you from buying a cheap budget phone from a local supermarket or other supplier.  If you are homeless you will need to provide an address where we can send the phone. Organisations who are dealing with your case can also apply for a phone on your behalf, so that they can also use the phone to keep you updated with your case. All of the phones are new, and will come with £10 credit.  To apply please use the contact form and ensure you provide a contact number and full details of the Veteran requiring the FREE Budget phone including their service details, and some background information surrounding their hardship. The only condition attached to the phone is that the veteran keeps it charged and switched on whilst their case is being sorted.  Individual applications will be checked and an ID carried out before a decision is made on the information submitted. Please note that it is not just a question of form filling, the organisation of veteran will have to satisfy the Trustees that the case is genuine.

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