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pasmall1Forces United are pleased to be associated with Performing Artistes a new trade advertiser see their listing HERE

"Our aim is to be the leading and most respected speaker bureau in the UK"

We provide speakers and hosts for corporate events. These include after dinner speakers, awards hosts, voiceovers, business, motivational and sporting speakers both famous and otherwise to suit all budgets.

We provide a value added service through…

Knowledge and expertise
We have been in business for over 20 years. First, we listen and ensure that we fully understand your requirements, before using our experience to advise you on the best person who can answer your brief.

Working for you
We work for you, the client. We are independent of the people we supply, so can therefore recommend the best person for the job, not just the person who is the closest fit from a limited list.

Transparent pricing
We believe in transparent pricing. The prices we give you include our fee of about 15% and we only deal direct with the artists, or through their official agents. In fact three quarters of the time we are dealing direct because either the artist doesn't have an agent, of their agent specialises in broadcasting and not the corporate market. We also tell the artistes what we are charging you, so everyone is clear.

Purchasing Power/Reputation
We book between 35 and 50 events per month, so you benefit from our buying power and reputation in the business.

Long term view
We approach each job with the view to building a longterm relationship with you. We've been around for 20 years, and plan to be for another 20 years and beyond. We can only achieve this by providing the right people, for the event, at the right price, every time.