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Welcome to the Oxfordshire Veterans Directory Group (FO-035), which has been setup in conjunction with a nationwide network of groups supporting https://www.forcesonline.org.uk/ and will have a specific email address that can be accessed by the group officials at oxfordshire@forcesonline.org.uk

The group will though be used for County news and issues, and not just filled with shared Military posts, which most groups seem to have.

Members who join the site, which is an open group, can be from a variety of people, that are currently serving members of the armed forces and family, ex-services and family, people that work in support network organisations, and friends and supporters of the Armed Forces Community. The membership credentials are not so strictly military based, as the group is for the support mechanisms, not confidential discussions. There is an official members group, which does have a stricter code of membership at https://www.facebook.com/groups/forcesonline

Please feel free to add your friends who live in the County who wish to support the Forces Online Network.

We are also on the lookout for people who can act as admins for this group and also Veterans Support Coordinators who are interested in feeding and sharing information to be added to the website, back to the official group and website. Checkout https://www.forcesonline.org.uk/vscoordinators.pdf

The Post is sponsored by the Heyford and Bicester Veterans Group

Heyford & Bicester Veterans