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I am the Marketing Officer at the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

On March 12 we have a company with us called Vamos that are a full masked theatre company that have produced A Brave Face which deals with issues of PTSD.

Here is some information about the company and the performance.


A Brave Face is a full mask theatre show born of real life stories. Originally inspired by Matthew Green’s book AftershockA Brave Face has been created from over two years of extensive research into Post Traumatic Stress in the military, during which we met, talked and worked with ex- and serving soldiers and their families, as well as mental health practitioners, journalists, and staff from organisations such as Help for Heroes, Veterans First and the pioneering Recovery Centre, Chavasse VC House.

Full mask theatre is wordless, which may seem a tricky medium to use to address intensely emotional subjects like PTS, but working without words actually creates a personal kind of communication, in which difficult issues can be more easily approached. Because the words aren’t there, each audience member creates their own story internally and it encourages a real emotional connection with the characters.

A Brave Face

His hardest battle is the one back home

Award-winning Vamos Theatre brings its trademark, wordless, full mask style to a story

that needs to be told. Set in Afghanistan in 2009, A Brave Face explores Post Traumatic

Stress, an unseen injury of war, and the impact it can have on even the closest of families.

With engaging storytelling, physical dexterity and emotional insight, A Brave Face speaks to

audiences across borders and boundaries.

Vamos know that this is a sensitive subject and off support to anyone who comes along to see the performance with a risk assessment, trigger sheet and post show support.

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