The Forces Online website started life back 2013 initially as Forces United, and in the summer of 2013 it went through a name change to Forces Online.  It was always a Word Press development, and a year later it went through another dramatic change when our founder agreed to have the theme changed over to xtheme which has a Cornerstone backend web building structure, which makes adding content and development easy. He also moved the site from a USA hosting company to a British host onto a VPS managed by a WHM. The conversion was carried out by our Founder who has been hosting sites since around 2000.

Since the change, the small web team have  developed and tested the site, and have added the comprehensive County and main Veterans Directory system, utilising a directory plugin, and various other plugins to achieve a unique website that has finally been accepted by the Charity Commission to be used as a Veterans Support and signposting resource.  Further development are planned, and because of the web site's size we are now planning to add the newly created Web Site Administers (WSA) level to it.

The WSA will be working from home, directly for the web HQ team which is headed up by our founding member, and will form a team that will be responsible for all the day to day tasks expected of a busy mainstream website, as well as adding some proper expertise to the development, affording some great opportunities to advance in knowledge and experience for the right people.

The current small web team are now ideally placed to manage a diverse team of volunteers that want to enhance their own ability and experience which could also be used to make money for themselves, by using what they learn to work in a paid job with website development. Although the work with the website is voluntary, we can organise some free hosting to practice and hone your skills, which will also make use of the latest development packages, and it is hoped that an in house app development will soon be added to our portfolio.

Ideally some experience with Word Press, html, php, sql, cPanel and Adobe products would be an advantage, but not completely essential.  You have to realise that the two main developers/managers are both self taught and continuing to develop their own skills.

If this sound like something you could spare some time towards and want to learn or continue to develop the basics of web development then we would like to hear from you....

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