Our SMAs are the backbone of the online Social Media service, and our longest volunteer position. Our 3 main Social media platforms all connected to the website consists of Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. SMA's will work with all the other volunteers across the whole service, both at National and Local level.

Forces Online was one of the first Veteran's Service to recognise and enhance the power of social media for a highly responsive comm's system, when it is combined with Google and Word Press.  Each of the main and secondary social media platforms have their own uniqueness, and Forces Online CIO will be adding a few more in the coming months, as well as publishing a comprehensive plan for the existing groups and pages.

The ethos behind the organisation is to operate a first class Help and signposting system for Veterans and their Families, but not by requiring everyone to be a member of our own social media groups, but by allowing them to work in a network which other groups want to be a part off.  We call this the Partner Network, or extended network and promotes working together by sharing the same values and support.  "Does it really matter where the help comes from as long as it does".

Our SMA's are there for people who may already be supporting other organisation's or social media groups, and get involved for as little or as much as they like. They do a variety of tasks, and our the ears and eyes of the online operation, often seeing things first.

When we first started dealing with Veterans in a social media setting mainly Facebook, we came to realise that you never knew what was coming next, and there is an art form dealing with comments and request, as well as validating members. When things are going smooth its a real joy to be a part of a progressive group and when things get tough, which is what you occasionally expect when you have a group of mixed service veterans together, then as an Social Media Administrator you have to be on your toes, and be able to watch for signs of veterans reaching out for help.

Some of the posts that come into the various platforms are more direct and its easy to decide that this is the case, and with all the platforms most of them have the ability to start private conversations so that any disputes etc, can be handled in a more discrete area.

" I have been involved with countless issues in our own Facebook Groups and some of the things I thought were easy to handle, ending up being the one that loses members" Len.

All of our groups have admin areas when you can easily get support from your subordinates and line manager, and ensure that you are fully supported at all times, as well as a very comprehensive communication system that will further enhance our social media platforms and web presence.  Each platform is headed up by a couple of senior people, and positions available in both our internal and external network. If you like working on Social Media, and are passionate about Helping Veterans and their families, and would like to get involved in a progressive organisation, as a casual admin or someone that wants to get involved in a bigger way for some or all of the platforms, then please contact us...

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