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JUN 26, 2020 —

Our Target is 200,000 which will then move forward to deliver this petition to the Government. We can see already that there are moves to prosecute offenders, but we still need support with the petition and are asking for you all to now just do one share each where possible.

Our Group is now 6,342. And had a shaky start just whilst we separated the issues and encouraged the members to support the real issues. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MilitaryMemorials/ Members are anyone that supports prosecuting people that damages our Military Memorials in the UK, where we go to remember the sacrifices made by our Men & Women who gave their lives for this Country.

The Group is managed by Forces Online CIO, a Charity to support Veteran's and their Families. Please support our campaign to keep our memorials safe from the fanatical groups who are trying to desecrate our Military Memorials and disrespect the people that gave their lives so we could live.

Forces Online CIO - https://youtu.be/gQc_Rk90VCw

Thanks to - http://www.mvca.co.uk - for producing "Lest We Forget" - Our Petition Song