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Hi everyone just got home from Warminster via Midsomer Norton.. The new Veterans Support centre is rapidly taking shape, which I am well pleased about. How strange does it feel finally opening the first one. However, I could not have done this without the input of three very special people, foot soldiers, who are a shining example to us all. ChristineTrudee and Christopher (Edge), and a few other helpers. All three people have connections to the Military in some form or other and have been added to the Groups Admin team, along with a few other new faces. What makes these three people special is the dedication they have shown towards our first centre, and the hard work to get it ready for opening Christine my new2IC/Operations Director and her team need special recognition for their efforts. Trudee is the first Forces Online Veterans Support Centre Manager, and Christopher (Edge) supporting, along with transport and storage and his expertise with auctions, antiques, etc, etc. The one thing I like about my job is the chance to meet and work with some great new friends, please say hello and give a great big warm welcome to them all. And if you live near the centre and are able to visit it, they will welcome you with open arms. Thanks team I am so grateful for what I am seeing develop, down in Midsomer Norton, and grateful to, to have Save Our Soldier http://saveoursoldier.co.uk/ just next door, thanks Lee for this opportunity. The centre itself will be opening in just a few more days, and we are quite happy to display any literature from across the Armed Forces Community, as well as in our group and on our website. (Even if you have a Social Media Group send us an A4 sized image of its logo or related image to the address below and it will be displayed along with your link)..https://www.facebook.com/groups/forcesonline and https://www.facebook.com/groups/somersetveterans
Also great job James for such a great representation of our badge..
The address of the centre is Forces Online CIC, Veterans Support Centre, Holly Court, High Street, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 2DB We will be having a dedicated landline soon. The email address is somerset@forcesonline.org.uk "Building Bridges between our Armed Forces Community Organisations, and standing together to help our Veterans"....