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Forces United is pleased to be associated and welcomes Help Our Wounded Royal Marines (Supporting wounded Royal Marines Commandos)


To provide ongoing financial help not only for today or tomorrow, but for life. A number of Royal Marines are double or triple amputees, some suffering from blindness and disfigurement. The conditions which our injured Royal Marines find themselves in has a long term impact on their standards of living. These men and there families need long term financial help, and to help provide suitable employment for our most seriously disabled lads some into becoming professional fundraisers and to look at other forms of employment to suit their disabilities.

The Campaign Board will be pulling together a programme of high level events around the UK including sporting occasions, national flag days, a series of challenges for the corporate market, as well as attractive, high quality social events in London and elsewhere. Our part in all this is to generate fund raising activity at the local level with our own events programme that dovetails with what is happening nationally and internationally.

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