Haaksbergen, Netherlands WW2

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My name is Matthijs Zwaal, I am a high school student from Haaksbergen in the Netherlands. I am working on a project about fallen soldier in Haaksbergen during WW2. We are trying to write a book about the soldiers, to give them more than a name, we want to tell the story of who they were. Sydney Jepson, born in Northampton is one of them. He was the son of Harry S Jepson (born 18 August 1874) and Kate M Jepson (born 7 Dec 1883). He had two sisters: Mary born 4 May 1920 and Edith born 15 February 1924. The family were living at 30 Boughton Green Road, Northampton. If you have any information about him, or if you know his relatives,
please contact me: zwaalmatthijs@gmail.com