Grief stricken due to STOLEN MEDALS

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HELP NEEDED WITH STOLEN MEDALS - FORCES ONLINE EXCLUSIVEI have received a message from the son of a Veteran that has recently had his medals stolen from his home.
Please Share Pauls story about the loss of his Fathers Medals far and wide into every veterans site to see if anyone knows anything about their whereabouts
Paul can be contacted via his email which is

Hi Len,

Many thanks for your support.

My father is called Gordon Joseph Bennett – he served in the Royal Navy in WWII (he was an electrical artificer on the battleship HMS Duke of York and serviced in the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific).

The theft took place on the 30th April 19 and his stolen medals are grouped below in this photograph.

• Arctic Star • Atlantic Star
• Pacific Star
• 1939 – 45 Medal
• War Medal

• The Ushakov Medal
• 40th Victory Anniversary
• 70th VE Day commemorative


The above photograph shows the Ushakov medal being presented to my father at Manchester Town Hall by the Russian Ambassador in 2014. The award was for his Royal Navy service on Artic convoys (x3) and awarded to the RN / Merchant Navy sailors & RAF airmen who were still alive to receive the medal. The medal was in mint condition when stolen and was accompanied by a personal dedication from the Russian government.

It was particularly appreciated by my father as it was awarded so many years after WWII, when most people had no knowledge that these events had ever happened. It was awarded by the Russians in recognition of the contribution made by British forces to re-supply them in their hour of greatest need and gratitude for prevailing against all the odds in terrible conditions.

Ushakov medals are solid silver, individually numbered and stamped No 2206

Picture of Gordon taken in Manchester Town hall 2014 – my father is now 95 and very frail – this burglary / theft has not helped.

Any support in circulating news of the theft and the possible recovery of the medals would be greatly appreciated by all our family.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Bennett (son)