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Welcome to our Donation Page. Forces Online CIC is a registered non-profit making organisation, run purely by volunteers, and has submitted an application to become a Full Charity. Currently we see ourselves as a small Charity and work with Charitable Aims. We have a number of projects on the go, which include. Supporting paying the bills for the website, raising money for the first mobile Veterans Support Centre, which is part of Team Poppy, and will work right across the United Kingdom, supporting all of the Armed Forces Community Organisations, and Counties. We are also trying to Raise Money for Tom Howat Jnr to purchase some cycle tops in support of his late Father Tom, which will help raise money for the Tom Howat Hardship Fund, which will help Veterans that have fallen on hard times. Every Little Helps. We will soon develop a funding form for each of the projects. Watch this space, in the meantime please use the message system below the current form to say why you are donating. If you have any fundraising ideas then please let us know. All proceeds from Website Advertising and Merchandising sales go towards funding the above projects.

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