Forces Online is run by volunteers and, whilst it is hoped in the future the income to pay for the operational costs of the organisation will be raised through corporate donations, website advertising and other funding sources we, are currently not funded. The organisation applied for Charitable Status (10th May 2019) and, we have suspended corporate fundraising activities - subject to the Charity Commission decision. In order to fill this gap we have created two button areas below for individuals to help fund the organisation through a subscription service and, one off donations. Once we gain Charity Status we , are intending to start the Tom Howat Memorial Hardship fund to provide direct funding for Veterans Homelessness and Hardship  cases. In the meantime we are grateful for any help you can give to help secure our future.


Could your Armed Forces Community organisation benefit from some increased revenue/funding/donations which would incorporate some unique employee/member or volunteer Exclusive Card perks? If so please provide your name and email address (not added to any mailing list) 
Direct Bank Payments can also be made to: Forces Online Sort Code: 77-50-11 Account Number: 49377068  (Please ensure you record where from and what for)..
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