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This charity is to commemorate, celebrate and assist the Armed Forces members and the Veteran community. Whist we look back at the past wars and conflicts and Remember the brave people that fought in them and lost their lives. We look to the future in helping those in need. This is a non political, respectful page for serving Armed Forces the Veteran community and their associated families. We openly welcome all with a keen interest in what we do. The family of the Veteran is just as important as the Veteran, as the problems they face effects everyone around them during their service or afterwards. We aim to offer a gateway service to get people to right organisations or charities. To this end we have a Buddy Scheme for those just needing a friend, a little encouragement or general information. As stated, we not only do we look at the past, but also the future. We raise money to assist people with hardship payments for those that are in desperate need of assistance. Our aim is to guide them to the right place to help sort out there financial or personal problems. As the ForgottenVeteransUK charity grows and gets it’s full charity status, we hope to expand our options of assistance and grants. Should you know someone who is struggling. Feel free to send them our way. We are here to help, directly or offer the best way we can to point them to the right assistance. We will do our best to try and help if it is possible and achievable, be it financial or just general support. Every member of the team or trustees are volunteers, and take no wages or expenses. Selfless commitment to others


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