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Forces Online Radio –

Whether living in UK or overseas, BFBS Radio is with you, in the car, home or out and about, switch on, listen in and enjoy, FOR Radio will be with you soon

Aldershot BFBS UK Bases 102.5 MHz
Blandford BFBS UK Bases 89.3 MHz
Blandford BFBS Gurkha 1287 KHz
Bovington BFBS UK Bases 1287 KHz
Bramcote BFBS Gurkha 1134 KHz
Brecon BFBS Gurkha 1287 KHz
Bulford BFBS UK Bases 106.8 MHz
Catterick BFBS UK Bases 106.9 MHz
Catterick BFBS Gurkha 1134 KHz
Colchester BFBS UK Bases 107 MHz
Edinburgh (Dreghorn) BFBS UK Bases 98.5 MHz
Edinburgh (Glencorse) BFBS UK Bases 1287 KHz
Fort George BFBS UK Bases 87.7 MHz
Inverness BFBS UK Bases 87.7 MHz
Maidstone BFBS Gurkha 1287 KHz
RAF Brize Norton BFBS UK Bases Oxfordshire multiplex DAB
Sandhurst BFBS Gurkha 1134 KHz
Shorncliffe BFBS Gurkha 1278 KHz
Stafford BFBS Gurkha 1278 KHz
York BFBS Gurkha 1251 KHz
Aldergrove BFBS Radio 106.5 MHz
Hollywood (Belfast) BFBS Radio 101 MHz
Lisburn BFBS Radio 100.6 MHz
Bielefeld, DTelekom BFBS Radio 103 MHz
Bielefeld, Radio BFBS Radio 2 101.6 MHz
Dulmen BFBS Radio 92.5 MHz
Gutersloh BFBS Radio 2 91.7 MHz
Kiel BFBS Radio 88.4 MHz
Rheinberg BFBS Radio 105.1 MHz
Sennelager BFBS Radio 2 105 MHz
Wulfen BFBS Radio 101.9 MHz
All BFBS Frequencies
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