Partner Network

The Forces Online Partner Network is a development which allows Armed Forces Community Websites, and Social Media Groups and Pages to join a communication alliance, allowing Forces Online to post to their networks in return for some FREE advertising and publicity.
There are two types of Partner Network Support:



Q: What type of posts will you be sharing into our group or page?
A: The Posts will be original Veteran Related Content (Verified) Homelessness, Missing, Hardship Cases or New listings on the Forces Online Network. They will not contain general banter related posts, Religious or Politics or third party posts. (Posts will also be checked against the current legislation relating to GDPR and also Facebook's own guidelines relating to good conduct).
Q: What if the posts are not suitable for our page/group?
A: Just delete or disallow the post.
Q: How do we join the Partner Network?
A: There is a link at the end of these notes to the application Form.
Q: How do we share posts with the Partner Network?
A: Please post to your allocated profile or use the email form.
Q: What if we do not have a logo or banner for our group or page?
A: Our Website Admins will draft up a temporary one for you which can be changed anytime.
Q: How do we and what happens if we decide to leave the partner network?
A: Simply contact us and let us know and we will remove your group and page links and cease posting to you.
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