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Forces Online Members

Part of my job involves problem solving and talking to people, which is more and more becoming the same thing.  Lots of the conversation revolves around social media and what is the best medium.  The short answer is they have all got their place.  I initially chose Facebook for the Forces Online Members Area because of the simplicity of sharing, and the ease of moving from group to personal messenger when you need to chat or respond privately.  The group is also based on inviting experts or their representatives, (Often Leaders/admins in other groups, or organisations), who have specific knowledge relating to Veterans, and can respond quickly, as well as not forgetting members themselves, who often have first hand knowledge of how they sorted their own issues, and now can feel comfortable commenting on the organisations that helped them, which often forms part of a list that can paint a unique picture of support for the individuals that have asked for help. 

As well as the group our own Website Chat System run by Chat Heroes is proving a valuable contact system.  We are currently looking for an organisation to sponsor our Chat system and further details can be obtained from the Chat Heroes Website

Len Chappell

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