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With the opening of the Midsomer Norton Veterans Centre in Holly Court, we are now in the process of setting up Forces Online job, opportunities & recruitment in a more Formal Approach, and are looking for some volunteer helpers to try and promote a service that corresponds and raises awareness from Military and Ex Services recruitment agencies, as well as local employers who are interested in employing ex-services.  People willing to help ideally should be ex-services themselves, who understand what it is like to have served and left the Forces, and some of the issues which surround this.  It is hoped that a more dedicated approach, with a small team of helpers could grow this service which is Free to Veterans and agencies to use.  The idea is to eventually charge for any non agencies outside of the Armed Forces Community who think that employing Veterans is a good opportunity, for advertising space, which will then help fund the service.  In Midsomer Norton we can supply the equipment, and office space to promote it, as well as team meeting space.  We are also looking for a local departmental head to work at least couple of hours a week, who can use their own knowledge and experiences to help shape the future of the service, which will also include Social Media and the website.  All post holders will initially be responsible to our CEO Len Chappell until an established head is in place.  Links for the service  are: Website  Facebook and we would also like the head of the department to set this up on Linked In, which will also make use of the Forces Online Twitter.