About Us

Forces OnlineForces Online (Used to be Forces United). is an online directory of Social Media Groups and Pages as well as Web Sites that have a British combined military theme. It started out as an informal site back in December 2013 which was combined with our own Facebook group and page as well as some links to other Social Media resources. (which can be found up near the top menu). Since June 2014 we decided to create an additional service which is an online Veterans Support Network consisting of a page for every County in the United Kingdom Countries, which will eventual be broken down into Towns and Cities.

We have a closed social media Facebook Group where people who have a military connection or are supporters of our Armed Forces can apply to join and engage in chat with our current members, as well as a Facebook Page where you will be able to "Like Us".

The web site does has a membership system where we encourage Group, Page and Web Site administrators to join so that they can list there organization with us for FREE. The join join page the web site where people need to set up a membership Here.

Generally many Social Media Groups have web sites and other social media links within there organization and the idea behind our service is to list the services an organization has to offer all in one place, which will be posted on a Blog Post which is connected to a Directory listing which is usually submitter by a user. The Blog post is an in House post arranged by our admins as is the graphics used in our web site Sliders, and our gallery. Our Blog is also connected to many media networks and processed into:

Our Web Sliders are random which means everyone gets an equal share of the listings. Once your organisation has been listed you can change images through our admin process and also keep your own Blog page and Directory up to date. All of this service is FREE to British Military Organizations.

We have a team of Voluntary Workers which help us with all aspects of running our service and and always on the lookout for more people to assist in our Social Media Team, Our Funding Team and our Web Team. Check our Jobs link Here.