(also our press release) Forces Online has been operating since 26th October 2013, and this led to a Company House Registration No. 09983828 and the Community Interest Company Regulator registration as a Not for Profit, on the 2nd February 2016.  The registration was setup in a way that legally allows Forces Online to work in every county of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) including fundraising.

We operate an extensive online directory called "The Veterans Directory" which although works alongside many veterans and other organisations in the UK to support Veterans and their families in any way we can we, are a standalone private venture, and the first proper Veterans listing service, and still the veterans general  directory of choice and by far the biggest. (we have had many imitations over the past few years all claiming this and that, but our selling point is not what we claim, or how much we cost but, working in a consistent and speedy manner to help support the Armed Forces Community, making us the best point of contact for directory sites. (We of course also welcome other directory services to link to and support us so, they can also be a part of supporting veterans alongside us and, also gain recognition from us and, we would also happily consider some direct cooperative working together. In this instance please contact our founder direct.

Our services consist off: a website that is slowly growing in popularity  https://www.forcesonline.org.uk which has two directories. The first being the main Veterans Directory which provides a free listing for any organisation large or small, charity, CIC, support group, social media group, breakfast club, veterans hub, NHS resource, Local Authority or private business that provides services and support to veterans.

The second directory is based on location and we call this the County Directory (unique to Forces Online) which, has become our personal trademark.  In the County directories there is a County webpage that breaks down services into county provisions and, there is one County Page for every County in the UK as well as, a corresponding County Veterans Directory Facebook Group. There are a couple of drop down link menus on the main page directly under the add listing and contact us links. They are also accessible from the County pages, which are assessible from the Veterans Directory links on the top menu where, you can see the links to the Countries, and Counties.

The website is fully compliant with the UK website regulators including our full registered contact details and many ways to contact Forces Online which, is demonstrated on our Website Contact Page and our Links to our Social Media Page

Every weekday on the website our responsive Chat service provided by https://chatheroes.com/ is available between 0830 and 2200 where it is possible to speak to a live operator who, will easily direct you to the right team. The team also get a dialogue of what has been said moments after disengaging with the Chat Team, and the responses to any chats are normally within a few hours. During the out of hours it is possible to send us an email from the link and, again this is fast and direct.

Our extensive social media network which, is across Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and our own Support Platform (Not linked to any other social media platform) can be seen and, accessed from the Links Page where it is also possible to contact us.

Our official registered office is based in Midsomer Norton, which is Somerset near to Bath as, shown on our contact Page, and it is always best to ring ahead if you are thinking about visiting as we have limited opening times which can be seen on our Holly Court Veterans Centre Page

My Vision - The Founder - "Since leaving the armed forces, and after working numerous years in the Children's Sector with LAC in the United Kingdom with a checkable CBR/DBS history where, there is a very successful Inter Agency Working system catering for every need of the young people I have had the good fortune to work with, many of whom have suffered major traumas and upset in their lives and, have a workable system that is transparent, well organised and very responsive with the workers being fully checked to work with the children's vulnerabilities, and undergoing training to meet any eventuality, and be able to keep them safe.

Working with veterans seems to be the complete opposite, where many organisations who sit on piles of money and, only seem to want to work against each other with, their own agendas, often paying extortionate rates for running them, and when you look at both of the setups comparing what's happening with children to how we treat our veterans, and for instance also comparing our system with for example the United States our system has a long way to go towards being able to quickly respond to every veterans needs.  Forces Online founded by Len Chappell recognises that it is time for change its, time to have a system that fully works together one, which can simultaneously address all of the veterans issues at the same time which, may be through a variety of organisations all working together, and a system that can easy id veterans, and have access to a bullet point list of all the treatments or referral to date and keep everything simple and cost effective.  We have great services, but we are not great or effecient at working together."

The services Forces Online provides are simply a first class signposting system which allows all organisations or individual that  provides direct support (i.e. an Armed Forces Community Organisation/individual) or Indirect Support (i.e. an organisation that is setup for everyone but, often supports veterans as part of their normal service) and, provides a basic free listing via the https://www.forcesonline.org.uk

The structure should be for all organisation no matter how small, and be inclusive not exclusive which is what we have at the moment.

They will need to provide proper contact details of either their head office or where the service relates to if the organisation has multiple locations so, that proper checks can be conducted. (information regarding other veterans bodies can also be added to the listing, and what areas they work in).  The information provided will also allow the administrational team to manually add organisations to the County Veterans Directory, to help veterans and their families to easily find the best services closest to them.

The Forces Online referral process

Forces Online receives regular contact from veterans, family and friends and organisations from all over the United Kingdom, and to save time and energy, we generally refer on to organisations that have taken the time to list with us. The approach is a warm referral i.e. handing cases to organisations we know and trust, and can contact prior to the referral of beneficiaries to these organisations which, is very variable across the United Kingdom.

To list with us use https://www.forcesonline.org.uk/veterans-directory

To help fund our extensive voluntary services and administrative provisions and services we also have  some paid membership levels which can been seen HERE

The additional services include more levels of  advertising and networking services.

Forces Online is slowly developing a unique Partner Network which, is made up of like-minded organisations that allow Forces Online to communicate with their own networks and visa versa.  You can access the Partner Network HERE

The communication and posting system of the partner network is predominantly provided to post veterans support and enquiry requests where we ourselves need support with and not, general information that has already been shared on Social Media. We are in the business of helping veterans not spamming them. When a full share to the Forces Online and Partner Network is started, we have already proven that we can easily reach in excess of two million members (upwards and this is slowly on the increase).

Finally to find us on google use "forcesonline or forces online"

All enquiries about the organisation should be address to us through our contact Page