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logo4bForces United are pleased to be associated with Chris and his Group the AAC Honour Roll.  See their listing HERE

None of them expected to be in this list, but all did their job and were prepared to join it.

This is something for those of us who can't get down to Middle Wallop to remember our friends, our absent and fallen on Remembrance Sunday. The Honour Roll is just a small memento of thanks to those who are no longer with us and it is our opportunity to say a final "thank you".

Bridging the ‘Military and Civilian gap’.

Many of us have left the services and often we never hear of ex-colleagues and friends passing on. Likewise, the pictures and funny stories that we collate over our years of service never get shared with the family and friends of the guys on the Honour Roll. I know the Honour Roll has bridged a few gaps and family members have written to me saying that they have never seen some of the photos, or heard the kind things that have been said. So this makes the memorial even more special.

How to use the Honour Roll

If you want to add someone, send me a message through Facebook. Please include:

• Name
• Rank
• Cap Badge
• Awards
• Year of Death
• A picture (if possible)
• Any other details (funeral arrangements etc)

I will add them to the Honour Roll, which you can view at:


As time goes on and we all leave and return to our civilian lives, I am sure all of us will be grateful to remember them. All you need to do then is click on their name and you can add your comments and pictures to their personal memorial wall.

My reasons for creating the group

I put this together in November 2012. It was following a brief message I posted, remembering some names of people whom I had served with as it is coming up to my 10 years as a civvi (where does time go?). As more and more people saw my post, it became apparent that not everyone knew who had passed and who had not. So that’s why I thought it was important to create the group and then the Honour Roll.

Who can go on the Honour Roll?

One of the main principles was that I wasn't going to be too dictatorial about who goes on the list. Clearly we are a small community and as they were someone’s friend and colleague, then providing they had served wearing the blue beret then they are eligible.

Please remember, this is a hobby for me and it is solely at my expense. My main objective is to remember people, as I have been ex-military for nearly 10 years, nothing more. This is not a regimental publication or anything like that. That said, I am more than happy to take comments on how to make this better chaps.

Please let your friends and family know about the Honour Roll as it is a great way to inform the ex-military community amongst us of people passing, it also gives people the opportunity to add pictures and comments.

Also, feel free to add me to your friends list; it makes it easier for me to check the validity of people when they want to join the Facebook group.

Kind regards

Chris Hitchens