A special bit of Devon in Collompton (Operation Braveheart)

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Hi, at the weekend I went to help David Godfrey, down in Cullompton, he has built a memorial garden for the fallen, including his grandson Daniel, he runs a little second hand shop to fund the garden, but he needs help a support, as he was going to give up..... Till myself and another friend went and reshaped the shop cleaned and redressed the windows for him, he has a wonderful shop now I am going down once a month to take stock and show support, the garden is beautiful very lovingly kept, but..... Not many people know it's there on even visiting. We are a military family and stick together like glue if anyone is in the area please go and drop into the shop, go and visit the garden he's always up for a cup of tea, if you go could you please take a item of some sort that could be sold in the shop as a donation, many thanks Chris x

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